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I am using netbeans as the ide to develop grails web applications and am facing problems in integration testing.i created an integration test for a domain class ProgressData as ProgressDataIntegration in netbeans and it generated a code full of errors

package main
import static org.junit.Assert.*
import org.junit.*

class ProgressDataIntegrationTests{

void setUp() {
    // Setup logic here

void tearDown() {
    // Tear down logic here

void testSomething() {
    fail "Implement me"

need help on how to remove these errors

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Whenever you create a grails domain class an integration test will also be created for you containing the code you posted. By default the test fails, as a prompt to write some tests for your new domain class, i.e. The line:

fail "Implement me"

If you remove this line your test will pass, but it also fails to actually test anything.

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