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I've created a contact webform. It works perfect, but it happens something strange: it doesn't send any email if the message is:

"Nam ipsum libero, ultricies id tristique varius, vehicula feugiat metus. Quisque consectetur metus at sem sagittis vitae pulvinar tortor tempor. Fusce varius, odio ut consectetur hendrerit, nulla mi elementum tortor, ac ullamcorper ante dolor id tellus. Vestibulum nunc libero, venenatis eget luctus nec, tempus sed ligula. Phasellus vestibulum rutrum nibh non imperdiet. Aliquam semper condimentum tellus in placerat. Nullam sit amet ipsum eget lacus congue hendrerit vel sodales turpis! Suspendisse ullamcorper velit et dui consectetur scelerisque. Nam vestibulum tellus et magna porttitor sed porttitor erat accumsan. In fermentum venenatis ligula, vel varius mi cursus quis. Aenean varius fermentum libero eu luctus. Nunc quis dignissim nunc! Ut adipiscing aliquet rutrum! Praesent nulla arcu, viverra vel euismod sit amet, dictum vitae urna. Nam sit amet tortor ut augue tempor feugiat quis vulputate ante."

this is a copy-pasted dummy message from a firefox extension. if i copy this messagge into the form, webform says that the messagge has been sent, but no emails arrive to my gmail account (spam folder checked; waited one hour)

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I would look at the log of the outgoing mail server, as well as the Drupal db log.

If nothing was found, I would install the SMTP module, and signup with a free SMTP service like Mandrill for 2 reasons.

1) You can determine if the issue is at the Drupal level vs an issue with the outgoing server you were using previously.

2) Mandrill does provide a log so you can confirm your email was sent.

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