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According to docs at

$min_serveOptions['rewriteCssUris'] = false;

I should be able to add the above to my configuration file and it will disable uri rewriting. The reason I want to disable it, is because I don't need it. All my css/js files are in one folder and not nested at all. It is rewriting the urls. For example


min_extras/cli/minify.php -o ../../css/all.css ../../css/phppos.css ../../css/menubar.css ../../css/general.css ../../css/popupbox.css ../../css/register.css ../../css/receipt.css ../../css/reports.css ../../css/tables.css ../../css/thickbox.css ../../css/datepicker.css ../../css/editsale.css ../../css/footer.css ../../css/css3.css ../../css/jquery-ui-1.8.14.custom.css ../../css/jquery.loadmask.css ../../css/jquery.ui.all.css ../../css/paginate.css


background-image: url("../images/header/header_empty.png");


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May be your "$min_serveOptions['rewriteCssUris'] = false;" is put in a wrong place.

in file minify.php (version 2.1.5) at line 84 change:

$combined = Minify::combine($sources) . "\n";


$min_serveOptions = array('rewriteCssUris'=>false);
$combined = Minify::combine($sources,$min_serveOptions) . "\n";

then everything works as you expexted

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