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This is actual query:


param2 takes yyy&zzz value

Now I need to replace yyy&zzz with yyy%26zzz. But not replace the first ampersand with %26 in the query. How do I achieve this in wso2 esb using urlrewrite?

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You can do this change to url using Script mediator in WSO2 ESB. For example the following script mediator configuration would get the url of 'To' property of the soap header and do the replacement you want.

<script language="js">var url = mc.getTo().toString();
var newURL = url.replace("yyy&amp;zzz","yyy%26zzz");

Likewise you can get any url in the message context and do transformations to that.

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You just replace the url using xpath unction fn:replace(index,index)

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