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I want to create an editor in eclipse (as eclipse plug-in), for a java class that implement some interfaces i created. The editor will let the user edit some information (using a form) that will be put into the java class. - very much like in EJB editor. I want java files that implement this interface to open the editor.

  1. How can I replace the values in the class without the need to re-generate it (because the user might have edited some of the source code in the class)?
  2. How can I link the editor to open just some java files?

Thank you.

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when you say just some java files, do you mean a subset of java files? If so how do you identify the subset? –  Rich Seller Jul 9 '09 at 12:18
If you read the rest of the question: It's files that contain a class that implements some interface. –  Jorn Dec 3 '09 at 21:06

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Use the JDT to get access to the java class and change parts of its contents using the AST of the java class.

Maybe this article will help you.

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1) I suggest that you read Eclipse documentation in details as I don't think that it will be trivial. 2) I suppose that Eclipse has some mime-type associations API, so you'd just use that.

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