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I want to know best free tool available for orthogonal array testing. Please suggest.

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Check out the page: http://www.pairwise.org/tools.asp

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Welcome to stackoverflow! Please don't answer questions with only a link. If the link is broken your answer becomes useless. It is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. – THelper Oct 9 '12 at 11:47

Hexawise is a pairwise and combinatorial test design tool that is currently used at more than 100 Fortune 500 firms. I'd suggest that it should be on anyone's short list of test design tools to check out. It is widely-regarded as being both easy-to-use and powerful.

Disclaimer: I'm the founder of Hexawise, so I'm no doubt biased. Even so, I'd share these things:

{ Commence blatantly self-promotional - but nonetheless accurate - content }

  • Hexawise is free for teams of 1-5 testers students and non-profits.*
  • Hexawise is a software as a service tool available online from anywhere with a particularly easy-to-use user interface
  • Hexawise is well-supported online at help.hexawise.com, training.hexawise.com, forum.hexawise.com, etc. (made possible by licensing fees we receive for our tool from our Fortune 500 clients) and it has a large and growing user base
  • New code improvements are being made to Hexawise at a rate of more than once a week
  • Hexawise allows users to create pairwise / allpairs solutions
  • Hexawise allows users to generate much more thorough combinatorial solutions
  • Hexawise allows users to generate sets of risk-based tests
  • Hexawise allows users to generate (and/or import) mind maps
  • Hexawise generates not only sets of test conditions (like many other tools listed at pairwisetesting.com and pairwise.org), but it also allows users to generate complete test SCRIPTS with detailed written tester instructions
  • Hexawise-generated test scripts can even include rule-based Expected Results
  • Hexawise-generated tests can be exported into multiple formats (Excel, HPQC, CSV, etc.)
  • Hexawise creates useful coverage charts that are helpful when determining "how much testing is enough"
  • Customized solutions (e.g., custom export formats etc.) are provided to paying clients

... and did I mention that while Hexawise licenses cost US $50,000 and up each year for paying clients, we give Hexawise away for free to small companies , non-profits, and students? And by "free" I don't mean "free trial." Since day one, we've made Hexawise free to all of our users except those at large, deep-pocketed, firms who pay us to continue improving it for everyone's benefit.*

Signup at hexawise.com/free

{ terminate blatantly self-promotional content }

*With apologies to the thousands of small companies we have made Hexawise freely available to for the last 5 years at no cost, too many companies (including Fortune 500 firms) had been trying to fraudulently abuse the "up to 5 users for free" limit, that we've reluctantly decided to restrict free corporate usage to a more industry standard 30 day trial policy and introduce a small business pricing option.

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