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I have to call an API from my program. The API is on a remote server and i have to give the paramaters trough an url.

the parameters i have to give are the following :

    apikey = khreer932jkee982jksj
    method = method.mymethod
    username = myusername
    type = 234
                id = 593
                groupleader = groupleadername 
                groupmembers {
                        1 = groupmemberone,
                        2 = groupmembertwo
                descr = testgroup
      created = datetimestamp
      modified = datetimestamp

The first part of the data i know how to pass it trough url.


After this i'm puzzled and i don't know how to pass the data. I can't make any modifications to the receiving side of the api, because i don't have control of it

please help.

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Most likely you need to send all this as POST data. Without any knowledge of the web service, it's not possible to help you more. – this.lau_ Jun 14 '12 at 14:07
found the answer, forgot i still had the question open – Arno_C Jun 18 '12 at 9:53
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found the answer i had to send it this way

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