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I would like to create a simple musical instrument app that can allow the user to play different kinds of instruments when hitting buttons on the screen. I started looking at what it would take to create the sounds in DirectX (I'm not familiar with DirectX at all). That seems really low level and I really think this problem has been solved before.

Are there any libraries that wrap standard musical instruments like a piano or drum? Or any examples of creating these kinds of sounds (piano/drums) in DirectX?

I would be looking to use SharpDX for this.

Alternatively, I remembered MIDI might be a solution to this as well. My concern there is I would like the user to be able to tweak the instruments to make different effects but that isn't a hard requirement just an interest.

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I think that VST Instruments are generally of much higher quality, as the VST community is much bigger and more mature than the DX audio one. However, you can find a ton of great instruments for both platforms (and more!) at KVR Audio's website.

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I downloaded VST.Net (latest sources) and couldn't get it to build out of the box...my real aim here is Windows 8 Metro so not sure how likely any of these VST solution will work if they're not updated to use DX11 –  Jim Jun 15 '12 at 16:04
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