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I want to find the Xelement attribute.value which children have a concrete attribute.value.

string fatherName =  xmlNX.Descendants("Assembly")
                           .Where(child => child.Descendants("Component")
                               .Where(name => name.Attribute("name").Value==item))
                           .Select(el => (string)el.Attribute("name").Value); 

How can I get the attribute.value? What does it say that is a bool?

EDITED Originally I Have the following XML:

<Assembly name="1">
  <Assembly name="44" />
  <Assembly name="3">
     <Component name="2" />

I need to get the attribute.value where its children (XElement) has an expecific attribute.value In this example, I would get the string "3" because i am searching the parent of the child which attribute.value == "2"

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Because of how the nested Where clauses are written.

The inner clause reads

child.Descendants("Component").Where(name => name.Attribute("name").Value==item)

This expression has a result of type IEnumerable<XElement>, so the outer clause reads

.Where(child => /* an IEnumerable<XElement> */)

However Where expects an argument of type Func<XElement, bool> and here you end up passing in a Func<XElement, IEnumerable<XElement>> -- hence the error.

I 'm not offering a corrected version because your intent is not clear at all from the given code, please update the question accordingly.


Looks like you want something like this:

     // filter assemblies down to those that have a matching component
     .Where(asm => asm.Children("Component")
                     .Any(c =>"name").Value==item))
     // select each matching assembly's name
     .Select(asm => (string)asm.Attribute("name").Value)
     // and get the first result, or null if the search was unsuccessful
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I edited it my question. thanks – kmxillo Jun 14 '12 at 12:25
@kmxillo: Updated answer. – Jon Jun 14 '12 at 12:40
thanks worked!! – kmxillo Jun 14 '12 at 12:51

I think you want

string fatherName =  xmlNX.Descendants("Assembly")
                           .Where(child => child.Elements("Component").Any(c => (string)c.Attribute("name") == item))
                           .Select(el => (string)el.Attribute("name")).FirstOrDefault();
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thanks worked for me – kmxillo Jun 14 '12 at 12:52

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