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I want to add code php to variable with html, for example

$html = '<b></b> <?php echo $lang["text"] ?>';

but it don't interpret php code. What am I doing wrong?

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Use string concatenations like this:

$html = '<b></b>' . $lang['text'];

or insert variable in double quoted string like this:

$html = "<b></b>${lang['text']}";

both versions are correct, use the one that you like.

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What you want is called string interpolation (read about how it works for PHP).

Your particular example would be solved using

$html = "<b></b> {$lang['text']}";

String interpolation only happens in double quoted string ("string here").

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You can't switch from "Output raw text mode" to "Run PHP code mode" in the middle of a string while you are already in "Run PHP code mode"

$html = "<b></b> ${lang['text']}";

… although why you want an empty bold element is beyond me.

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Judging by the question, this answer is not something the poster will understand.. This is a comment rather than an answer imho. –  Sherlock Jun 14 '12 at 12:38

its very important to escape the output. (security basics)

$html = sprintf('<b>%s</b>', htmlspecialchars($lang['text']));
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$html = '<b>'.$lang['text'].'</b>';

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make sure file extension is php.

$html = '<b></b>'.<?php echo $lang["text"] ?>;
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I believe this is even worse than the actual question. –  Mihai Iorga Jun 14 '12 at 12:43

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