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Can anyone explain how TZ technology is enabled in I.MX53 ? I am totally confused since internet says i.MX53 board has Trustzone enabled but all i can find is an interrupt controller in it. Where are the rest of the components as given in requirements of ARM trustzone? (TZPC TZMA etc).

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See Handling ARM trustzones‌​. Is there something specific to the iMX53 that you need to know about? – artless noise May 3 '13 at 21:18

Basically, Trustzone is build-in to the system, just a matter between toggling between trusted and non-trusted zone (or secure and normal world).

Read this:


(note the diagram: default startup is always in the secure world).

Here is the bare-metal code example that uses "smc" command to toggle between secure world and normal world:


More code examples here:


As for your problem with the interrupt controller, perhaps these discussion can help:





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