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I am creating a simple DataGrid in GWT It appeas fine and showing data , but the lines between rows or the border lines are double ,Can we change it to a single line border width is by default 1 , when i try to make border width as 0 , the border lines totally disappear and when i make it 1 , it shows double border lines , isnt there a way to smake the border line , a single line

Attached is the image of datagrid which is showing double border , please tell me a way to make it single border.enter image description here

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You're showing two lines because you have borders around each cell and around the grid as well.

You should see here for an explanation on how to override the default css of datagrids in GWT.

This is the default CSS for DataGrid that you should override. To avoid having double border, you should set only border-right, border-left, border-top or border-bottom attributes on your cells.

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thanks , i see the default css , and added this whole in my application , can you just tell me which stylename i will apply to my widget , like , dataGrd.seStyleName("??"); –  user1226162 Jun 14 '12 at 21:33
<g:Grid borderWidth="1" cellSpacing="0">

should do it. To adjust specific border css:


with css e.g.:

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