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Is there a way to process frames from a stream(or image file or video file) and save the frames in encoded video file. There are options for saving frame to encoded image file but no such option for saving to video file using Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace.

In mediaCapture.StartRecordToStreamAsync i can use StartRecordToStorageFileAsync to save stream from camera of video file to another video file. But there is no way to save frame by frame. Thanks for help!

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The MediaCapture sample shows how to write a media foundation transform to do image processing on each frame. I suspect you can modify the MFT to save each sample frame to a queue and then write the images from the queue asyncronously.

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Thanks Larry! I have read the sample code!Its Exactly what I needed ... I have few more questions; MediaCapture class can only get stream from physical devices. My algorithm Flow is somewhat like this; (1)open a video file or picture file (2) assign it to a (MediaCapture)stream (3) process the stream (4) Write the stream to video file using StartRecordtoStorageFileAsync(parameters). So far I am unable to assign a video/picture object to a stream so that i can write it to a video file after processing. –  saleh... Jun 18 '12 at 13:46
any idea how to assign a video/photo to a stream??? –  saleh... Jun 18 '12 at 13:47

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