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I am writing this, with continuation to my previous posts...

Where to click on this following object(button), for the values to be displayed in Selenium(Webdriver)?

How to click in a specific part of a Button using Selenium, for the list of options to be displayed?

As I wanted to automate a mouse click event for testing on a split button using selenium, upon clicking on one particular part of the button, I am finding that, 'that particular part' is present in an Em-class, which in turn has the button/link, but does nothing upon click...

This Em class has an attribute, unSelectable=On....Is this attribute necessary for a split button functionality?? Can it be given to Off??

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First of all I did not understand why in the first place the Em class has an attribute unClickable="On" .

I suggest you to change this value to **unselectable="Off"** and then look at what will happen.

Let me know if any errors are generated.

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Thanks ...I talked with the developer and he is telling, it is essential for that option...! I found it difficult to convince him...Is that possible, I can do the change using Firebug and test it using Selenium?? – Mannii88 Jun 15 '12 at 17:54
question is unSelectable in the first place...not unClickable...! but, i ll try to do something abt. it from our end... – Mannii88 Jun 16 '12 at 6:27

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