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I'm using Camel 2.9.x for integration purposes in our current project. One of the routes consists of two endpoints - file polling endpoint and smtp mail endpoint. Files produced by the first endpoint must be sent through smtp endpoint as attachments.

For Camel configuration we're using Spring DSL (this actually is a requirement). Spring version is 3.1.1. Unfortunately, I've found only java dsl examples and documentation of attaching a file to a e-mail message in camel routes.

<endpoint uri="file:///path/to" id="file-source"/>
<endpoint uri="smtp://mail.example.com:25/?username=someuser@example.com&amp;password=secret&amp;to=recv@example.com" id="mail-dest"/>
<route id="simplified-for-readability">
  <from ref="file-source"/>
  <to ref="mail-dest"/>

This config sends files as plain/text body, not as attachments (even binary files). Is there a way to send files as attachments without using Java dsl?

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This could be done with Spring config, but you might have to code a simple java bean or so, although that does not have to do with spring or java DSL.

First create a class similar to this one (you might need to fix stuff here):

// Note: Content Type - might need treatment!
public class AttachmentAttacher{
   public void process(Exchange exchange){
      Message in = exchange.getIn();
      byte[] file = in.getBody(byte[].class);
      String fileId = in.getHeader("CamelFileName",String.class);
      in.addAttachment(fileId, new DataHandler(file,"plain/text"));

Then just wire up a spring bean and use it in your route. Should do the trick.

<bean id="attacher" class="foo.bar.AttachmentAttacher"/>

  <from ref="file-source"/>
  <bean ref="attacher"/>
  <to ref="mail-dest"/>
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Well, this is the solution I've found on the web, but I want to do this in pure XML. AttachmentProcessor solution is the last resort if there's absolutely no way to do this in pure Spring XML. Thank you for your effort. –  Czar Jun 15 '12 at 6:57
Well.. I don't know of a way in "pure" xml. But there is the language component that can invoke a script (groovy or similar) in a file you have defined (and perhaps can do the logic in the "AttachmentAttacher" above). That way, you might be able to avoid deploying compiled java classes. But it's not Spring/XML. –  Petter Jun 15 '12 at 20:16
We could possible add some option in the mail component, to send the files as attachments instead, the trick is that you may want to specify the mime type, eg plain/text and text/binary (or what binary content is known as). Feel free to log a JIRA at ASF Camel –  Claus Ibsen Jun 20 '12 at 14:25

You might be able to do this with an expression such as simple. Simple is nice because it comes with Camel but I don't think it's powerful enough to do what you want. I haven't tried it but I'm sure that a groovy expression could do this. A groovy expression can be specified in Spring.

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