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I am trying to Login or SugarCrm using REST. I have this code,,

        var data = new JObject();
        data["user_name"] = "admin";
        data["password"] = @"xxx";

        var client = new RestClient(@"http://ubuntu-server");

        var request = new RestRequest(@"service/v2/rest.php", Method.POST);

        request.AddParameter("method", "login");
        request.AddParameter("input_type", "json");
        request.AddParameter("response_type", "json");
        request.AddParameter("rest_data", data);

        var response = client.Execute(request);
        var content = response.Content;

The response I get is "Invalid Login"

What are I doing wrong??


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Two things that stick out:

  1. The password needs to be MD5 encoded
  2. The data object needs to be wrapped in an addition 'user_auth' object.
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