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I need to replace the content between those tags and keep the tags

$source="Original string <p>bal bla bla</p>**** <!--{date}-->REPLACE ME!!!<!--/{date}-->"
$replaceText = '2012-06-14';
$start = '<!--{date}-->';
$end = '<!--/{date}-->';

preg_replace('#('.preg_quote($start).')(.*)('.preg_quote($end).')#si', '$1'.$replaceText.'$3', $source);

The result is:

"Original string <p>bal bla bla</p>**** 012-06-14<!--/{date}-->"

Missing the start tag and the 2. Ideas?

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Put a space between the var and the replaceText like my answer – Sena Jun 14 '12 at 14:44
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That's because doing like this you obtain : '$12012-06-14$3' as the replacement. So I'm guessing it's taking $12 and not $1

You may want to test what's written in the doc ${1} instead of $1

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It works! Thanks a lot. I spent 2 hours on it. – Daviddd Jun 14 '12 at 14:45

Put a space between the var and the replaceText

Like that

preg_replace('#('.preg_quote($start).')(.*)('.preg_quote($end).')#si', '$1 '.$replaceText.' $3', $source);
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