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I have a form with:

Check this if you Want to receive our newsletter: <input type="checkbox" id="newsletter " name="newsletter">

I’m submitting it via a javascript/jquery function.

In the js file, inside the submit function, I’m getting the value:

var newsletter = $("#newsletter").val(); 

And with the rest of the fom’s values goes with $.ajax by POST to my php file.

The problem: the value of newsletter is “on” all the time.

How can I get a value if the checkbox is checked and another value if it’s unchecked?

Thanks a lot!!

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To probe if checkbox is on or off use .attr('checked'):

var newsletter = $("#newsletter").attr('checked') ? "on" : "off";

Which will give you 'on' for checked and 'off' for unchecked.

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it works, thanks!!! –  user523129 Jun 14 '12 at 15:09

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