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I need a way in my Chrome extension to know when the browser is starting up, so that it can automatically open an html page. Is there a mechanism in Chrome extension API that can get me this facility?

I need this functionality for a personal extension of mine, that I use only on my computer. So it's ok if this can be accomplished through a hack. My extension would like to know when the browser has started.

Any ideas?

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if you want the tab to open when Chrome is started up, you can just include the code: chrome.tabs.create({url:"someUrl"}); in your background.js file or if you want it to open everytime a new window opens, you can include the previous code plus an extra event listener to the new window event like this:

chrome.windows.onCreated.addListener(function() {
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Scripts in background page start only one time on each browser start, so you just need to add background page to your extension to handle browser start.

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Technically speaking, an extension update will also fire that. –  Xan Apr 7 '14 at 9:50

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