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Is there a way I can use one category to stylize all of my table cells? I cant just use



because I have another table on the same page that I don't want the same style on. The table I want to stylize has around 40 cells, so is there a way to collectively style them short of copy-pasting a class or id 40 times?

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Put a selector on the table tag:

<table class="my-special-table">
</table> td { style it up! }
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If your table has a specific attribute such an as ID, you can reference it in CSS specifically:

<table id="myStyledTable">

Like so:

#myStyledTable td {

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Or #table-id > tr > td { /* some css */ } in case you will have other tables within this table that shouldn't have this style applied.

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You can give an id/class to that table and do :

#yourtable td { }
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Use this:

#table-id td {
 /* some css */ 
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