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I had a GUI application with the following layout:

wxFrame --> wxBoxSizer --> wxImagePanel

The wxImagePanel is a custom control (available here). I've modified it slightly to handle mouse events (using EVT_MOTION) like dragging that allows me to pan the image.

Now, unfortunately, this looks ugly on Windows -- there's a dark gray background. The recommended approach is to add a wxPanel to the wxFrame -- this makes the ugly background go away. The app is now layed out like this:

wxFrame --> wxBoxSizer --> wxPanel --> wxBoxSizer --> wxImagePanel (a custom control)

It looks a lot better, but now the wxPanel I've added is grabbing all the mouse motion events. They don't get through to the child wxImagePanel, so I can't pan my image anymore.

How can I make sure the mouse motion events make it through to the child wxImagePanel?

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The normal order of things is

wxFrame --> wxPanel --> wxBoxSizer

I think you would do much better to use this, like so

wxFrame --> wxImagePanel --> wxBoxSizer


wxFrame --> wxPanel --> wxBoxSizer --> wxImagePanel

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I'm using wxFormBuilder, which doesn't seem to allow adding a wxPanel to a wxFrame directly without using a sizer for the frame. –  misha Jun 15 '12 at 2:50
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I've solved the problem by asking on the wxWidgets forums.

Basically, my problem was the wxImagePanel was a child of the wxFrame, whereas it should have been a child of the wxPanel instead.

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