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I have a ul bigger than the wrapper and I want to be able to drag it until the last child (with containment).

I have this code for dragging the ul and work fine (without containment).

$( "#myList" ).draggable({ axis: "x" });​

Here is the working page:

But I need help trying to restrict the drag, if I use

$( "#myList" ).draggable({ axis: "x", containment: '#width' });​

It behaves funny...

How can I make the ul drag smoothly, with a hidden overflow wrapper and a with containment div?


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try setting "#width" element's width greater than "#myList" element's width somthing like below.

#width {width:1200px; height:150px; overflow:hidden;} #myList {width:600px;height:150px; overflow:hidden;}

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