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I have a requirement that I have to highlight a newly added node in the tree to some different color. I'm using JSF2 and Primefaces tree component. I'm trying something like this:-

In Managed Bean,

getSelectedNode().setStyleClass("ui-helper-clearfix ui-tree-node-content ui-corner-all ui-tree-selectable-node ui-state-highlight");

In xhtml,

<p:treeNode id="privilegesTreeNode" styleClass="#{privilegesTreeBean.selectedNode.styleClass}">
                        <h:outputText value="#{node}" id="lblNode" />

But this css is applied on all nodes..not the selected node..then I thought of may be filling on some condition, I tried this:-

<p:treeNode id="privilegesTreeNode" styleClass="#{privilegesTreeBean.selectedNode.styleClass ne '' ? privilegesTreeBean.selectedNode.styleClass : ''}">
                        <h:outputText value="#{node}" id="lblNode" />

Can anyone help me as I'm stuck in this.

Thanks in Advance

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Your idea with the condition works fine for me, e.g.

<h:outputText style="#{node.name == 'NEW NODE' ? 'background-color: yellow;' : 'background-color: none;'}" value="#{node}" />
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Thanks for your reply. – KB Prodigy Sep 25 '12 at 4:01

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