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I have a SSRS report that I have been tasked with adding a second page to. The first page is defined by a list. I have expanded the body area of the report to house a second list. Both Lists have a size of 8.5 x 11.

My question is this.

Is this the proper way of adding a second page. And if it is, how can I make it so the second page shows up after every record of the first page?'



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As i understood , you want a record to display after each record of the first list. if yes Try to Do the Following :

  1. Add a new report this will be page two.

  2. In the first list page one , add the new report into the list as a sub report.

  3. Now after each record in list 1 , you will see a record from page 2.

  4. If there are parameters you want to send to sub report from list1 , Right click on the sub report in list 1, add the proper parameters from list 1 .

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Mostly fixed the error off your outline here. An added bonus to the whole solution was ensuring you pass the right value to the subreport. I was passing a parameter when I needed to send a row value of the main report. –  Matt Akers Jun 22 '12 at 18:24
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