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I'm having an issue with a javascript call to an api function in NetSuite that returns a string with quotes in it. An error is thrown each time the call is made.

var selling_point_1 = "<%=getCurrentAttribute('item','custitemsellingpoint1')%>";

when looking in the debugger, this evaluates to:

var selling_point_1 = "Product Dimensions: H:14" W:24"";

Any string function (like .length or charAt(0) ) on this also throws an error. I have no control over what the function call returns, so i need to know how to handle embedded quotes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, John

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Trivial solution for this case: use single outer quotes, not double quotes. Suggestion for general solution: does your server-side lanuage (ASP? -- tag it please) have some kind of escape function? – apsillers Jun 14 '12 at 16:09
If you identify your server-side language, I can probably provide you with an ideal solution. – apsillers Jun 14 '12 at 18:41
I'm pretty sure it's ASP. thanks – John Rattinger Jun 14 '12 at 19:11
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Although not the most robust method you could use:

var selling_point_1 = escape("<%=getCurrentAttribute('item','custitemsellingpoint1')%>");

This is actually for URI escaping, but will get rid of the pesky double quotes, plus you can use unescape to get the original format back. As suggested

var selling_point_1 = '<%=getCurrentAttribute(\'item\',\'custitemsellingpoint1\')%>';

Should also work in your case.

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good suggestions. By using the single quotes around the function call and then my subsequent document.write call, this worked. I don't want to get rid of the double quotes, they represent the length of a product in inches. The only problem is that i can also have single quotes embebed in the string (representing feet). so i need a little more robust solution. Thanks! – John Rattinger Jun 14 '12 at 16:42

See this thread for someone dealing with roughly the same issue. The short answer is that you need to run some kind of escape function in the server-side code (i.e., within the <%=...%> block) so that only escaped values get inserted into the client-side code. All of the solutions below can handle an unlimited number of single and double quotes.

My first suggestion is to try:

var selling_point_1 = decodeURI("<%=Server.URLEncode(getCurrentAttribute('item','custitemsellingpoint1'))%>");

This will produce server-side JS that looks like:

var selling_point_1 = decodeURI("Product Dimensions: H:14%22 W:24%22");

The decodeURI JavaScript function will convert the %22 back into quotes and the correct string will be stored in selling_point_1.

If that fails, you might also try something like:

var selling_point_1 = unescape("<%=HttpServerUtility.HtmlEncode(getCurrentAttribute('item','custitemsellingpoint1'))%>");

which operates similarly, but tuuns your quotes into \" sequences, which will be converted back into ordinary quotes by JavaScript's unescape.

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