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I tried already GMP, MPFR. But I can't accomplish a simple division like below. BTW I have LLVM compiler in Xcode. I try to compile, run it to IOS Simulator.

mpf_t a;

mpf_init2 (a, 256);

mpf_set_d(a, 0.7);

mpf_t b; mpf_init2 (b, 256);

mpf_set_d(b, 1.0);

mpf_t l; mpf_init2 (l, 256);

gmp_printf ("%.*Ff \n", 5, a); --- 0.70000

gmp_printf ("%.*Ff \n", 5, b); --- 1.00000

mpf_div(l, a, b);

gmp_printf ("%.*Ff", 5, l); --- 0.52502

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Have you tried MPIR? OpenSSL also provides a big number library...

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