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There is a bug in our iPad application that I am looking into that consists of when the view controller method viewWillAppear is called it does not always correctly reflect the state of syncing with our web service. The AppDelegate is using several NSOperation subclasses that are used in a method called sync. This method gets executed in only two locations, an onSyncButtonPressed method and an onSyncTimeFired method. I build up a variety of different NSOperation subclasses. Some have dependencies on others and what not. I know that those operations are occurring in the order that is needed. There is a method called SyncInProgress that returns a bool if syncing is occurring or not. It runs on the main thread, and when my operations start they call startServiceCall which will call incrementActiveServiceCounter on the app delegate.

@implementation AppDelegate

- (BOOL) syncInProgress
    return _serviceCounter > 0;

- (void) incrementActiveServiceCounter

- (void) decrementActiveServiceCounter


Sometimes during a sync, the app doesn't recoginze a sync is happening and thus the incorrect state is shown?

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As it turns out, the different operations were incrementing and then decrementing the service counter. I implemented an enum to ask as state, when syncing would occur, I update enum to syncing, when updating tables, I update enum to updatingTables and when finished set state to finished. The syncInProgress method didn't really reflect the true state the sync process as a whole. As it turns out, the syncInProgress method really represented when some operation was syncing, not the entire set of operations as a whole. –  developerdoug Jun 15 '12 at 22:17
I must say, writing my thought down and putting them in a forum really does help my thinking process. :) –  developerdoug Jun 15 '12 at 22:17
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