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Laptop: Samsung Series 7 Chronos NP700Z5A OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

(SHORT STORY) My laptop has a recovery partition that can be accessed via F4 at boot screen. I installed Ubuntu and then went back to Windows with a retail installation CD and now I cannot access the recovery partition from boot screen with F4 as it just brings up a menu that asks me to choose an OS and just shows Windows 7. I can still access recovery partition but only with Smart Boot Manager bootup CD.

(LONG STORY) I thought I'd try to be clever and put Ubuntu 12 but then I decided that I it would be better for me just to stick to the Windows 7 that was pre-installed with the laptop so I run the Windows 7 (recovery loader) from the GRUB menu and it went through the recovery without any problems. After the recovery the laptop got past the bootup screen but then the screen kept flashing and Windows wouldn't load. So I got out a Windows 7 installation CD and installed Windows like that but I wanted the original installation from the recovery partition so I put a bootup cd in called Smart Boot Manager and accessed the recovery partition from there. The recovery was successful and it recovered the pre-installed Windows installation without any problems.

(THE PROBLEM) I'm pretty sure that the Recovery loader (that could be accessed by pressing F4 at the boot screen) stopped working after I installed the retail Windows. Aaaand basically I was wondering if there was some way I can get that back? I think it has something to do with the boot loader being over-written by the Windows 7 retail installation. If only there was some way I could make it link to the reovery partition?

By the way this is my first post here and it told me to be specific so that is why I thought it would be better to tell you exactly what happened. Apologies if it is too long and boring to read :). Also I did do some searches online but I wasn't able to find anything that could help me. Thank you in advance!

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I done a bit more research and tried different searches (wish I did this before). There is an easy way which can restore the F4 functionality to the boot menu and run the Samsung Recovery Solution program. The following instructions are found from and the credit goes to SergioA (the user that posted the message).

My problem (to resume SAMSUNG_REC partition still present but not "linked" at boot with F4) has been solved as follows (taking hints from a lot of useful information on this great forum):

  • install the free program EASEUS Partition Master
    • with EASEUS Partition Master give a drive letter (mine was E) to the SAMSUNG_REC partition, so to make it visible in Windows 7
    • open the new E drive and navigate to WinClon/Admin/Setup; in Tools launch "RecoverySettings5.exe" and then in WinUI launch "Samsung Recovery Solution 5.exe"
    • when SRS5 is launched, it automatically (or automagically...) resets the master boot record (or some other magic stuff) so that the F4 key at bootup comes back to life ;-)
    • to tell the truth I also messed up with some other exe files "around" the SAMSUNG_REC drive, but I think the clue is to launch SRS5 so that it can restore its settings to make the F4 key work again (at the same time the drive letter is deleted and the partition becomes invisible to Win7, with no need to use EASEUS again)

Also I found that there is another way to do it but it looks like it would take longer and it might be harder, but I don't know for sure because I didn't use this method. It involves downloading an ISO image called Samsung AdminTools and well just make out what to do from the pictures (or you can try Google translate but that didn't help much for me) in the following link but if you can read an understand French that it shouldn't be a problem:

Anyway so to anyone who comes across this problem, I hope all of this helps I wish you the best of luck!

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I faced the same problem when I accidentally selected the recovery entry in the grub menu. The strange thing is that I did not do any operation in the recovery tools, but still it looks like the MBR was erased.

As I wanted to keep Ubuntu I used a live CD to reinstall grub and it was all working again fine.

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