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I have a java application which is connected to an Oracle database. I have a form where the user enters an ID called COMMUNITY_ID, a start date called START_DATE and an end date called END_DATE.

I want the application to search through the table in database for the entered values, and when the search result is correct I want it to display the sum of total values.

I have three methods; each method is responsible for searching a single text box. For example, the first method total 1 searches for the COMMUNITY_ID, and the second method searches for the START_DATE and the last one searches for the END_DATE.

I get an error message saying the result set is empty or closed. I am not sure why because I dont understand the message clearly.

The following is my code. If anyone has idea how to fix it that, please help me.

public void total3()
    ResultSet result;
    System.out.println("total 3");

    String endDate = this.EndTxtBox.getText();

        rs=st.executeQuery("select RECIPT_ID,COMMUNITY_ID,VALUE,START_DATE,END_DATE, ITEM_BOUGHT,REASON from RECIPTS where  END_DATE = '" +endDate+"'");
    catch(Exception ex)

        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Searched Failed" + ex);

        result =  rs=st.executeQuery("select SUM(VALUE)from RECIPTS where END_DATE = '" +endDate+"'" );
    catch(Exception ex)
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Error" + ex);

Any ideas, please? What is wrong with it?

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Just because you don't understand the message doesn't mean it's not helpful. Maybe we could understand it. Paste the complete stack trace. – JB Nizet Jun 14 '12 at 17:17

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You're trying to read from the result set before going to its first row:

if ( {
    endDate = rs.getString("END_DATE");

Your code is full of bad practices:

  • mixing UI code with database access code
  • catching Exception
  • selecting a whole lot of rows and columns when you're only interested by one of them
  • not using prepared statements
  • using both result and rs for the same thing
  • not closing statements and result sets
  • using String variables to store dates
  • poor and inconsistent indentation
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