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I'm trying to catch UTF-8 URL. Normally using constraints this works well. For the URL: /international-delight™-iced-coffee/ the route works:

match ':post_name', :constraints => { :post_name => /.+/}}

All is well here. Where it fails is when I need to use advanced constraints:

match ':post_name', :constraints => Post.new

#inside Post.rb
  puts ">>>> Arrived at matches!"

self.matches never gets called. Any idea how to make the constraint catch?

Thanks in advanced! Justin

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Do you need controller/action that you want the match to hit (below with the to param).

I've got something like this:

match "/:vanity", to: 'vanity#routing', constraints: RoutingConstraint.new

and my RoutingConstraint#matches? method is getting hit.

I tried this with your UTF-8 url and it seemed to work fine.

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Your .matches? method is a class method, but you're passing Post.new as the constraint. Either replace Post.new with Post, or remove self. form the method definition.

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