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Using JQuery Mobile I have a select box that is being populated dynamically from a database. As of right now the population of this checkbox is working flawlessly. I have added functionality that consists of a button which calls a function via an 'on click' event. The job of this function is to know whether this particular checkbox has been populated or not; if it hasn't then it will simply not do anything, but otherwise it will run smoothly. My problem is determining whether or not this select box is empty or not.

Here is a very simplified example of what I am dealing with:

    <label for="fruit" class="select">Fruit</label>
    <select name="fruit_name" id="fruit_name" data-mini="true" onclick="populate_box('fruit', this);">

My function, which is called from a separate button, looks like this:

function isSelextBoxEmpty(selectBoxId)
    var selected_value = $('#fruit_name')
    //var selected_value = $('#fruit_name').text
    //var selected_value = $('#fruit_name').value
    //var selected_value = $('#fruit_name').length
    //var selected_value = $('#fruit_name option:selected', this);
    //var selected_value = document.getElementById('fruit_name')
    //var selected_value = document.getElementById('fruit_name').length
    //var selected_value = document.getElementById('fruit_name').value
    //var selected_value = document.getElementById('fruit_name').innerHTML;
    //more options... still testing the proper way.

        alert("NOT null, value: " + selected_value);
        //do something
        alert("null, value: " + selected_value);
        //do something

Don't worry about what this does and how it does it. Right now what matters to me is that I can't check whether or not the checkbox is empty, I am just not sure how to go about it. I have read a lot through forums and documentation but there are many implications in doing this since it depends on the implementation itself.

For instance using document.getElementById(...)... will not necessarily return false and it depends on how you use it. Also using $("#someID")... in JQuery may or may not produce the desired results. I already tried many different things and those you can see in commented lines, all of which can go into the if(...) statement.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to go about achieving this? Thanks in advance!

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To check whether select box has any values:

if( $('#fruit_name').has('option').length > 0 ) {

To check whether selected value is empty:

if( !$('#fruit_name').val() ) { 
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That's it! I knew it had to do with the length but I had no idea how to implement it. Thanks a bunch mate –  AGE Jun 14 '12 at 19:11
I awarded the answer to you because you got it right before Claudio, but actually Claudio also got it right just a few seconds after you did... THANKS both of you! I wish I could split the reward. –  AGE Jun 14 '12 at 19:17

One correct way to get selected value would be

var selected_value = $('#fruit_name').val()

And then you should do

if(selected_value) { ... }
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Your edited response works! now how am I supposed to accept two answers at the same time? lol –  AGE Jun 14 '12 at 19:09

Another correct way to get selected value would be using this selector:


Best for you!

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