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I am using WordPress 3.4. with only the plugins that come with the wordpress default installation.

My problem is that I cannot add any links or html to my posts from the editor.

It seems that wordpress is filtering all code off and I can only add text.

I've also tried to embed code via the html tab but again the code just gets wiped out.

Any ideas of why this could be happening?

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Adding HTML code in the HTML text-area should be fine alright, but it will strip some codes if it's not written in valid HTML. Can you paste the code you've been trying to add?

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I hope I am correct in thinking that you mean switching between the visual and HTML editors. I ran into this as well, a few weeks ago, and after researching for over an hour it seems that this is just how the editor works.

Searching Google for " html stripped wordpress editor " will bring up results for this, going back to 2008.

My research led to me installing Preserved HTML Editor Markup and TinyMCE Advanced, to ensure that no html/code is stripped when saving a draft, or switching editor modes.

After installing the plugins, you will have to make one setting change for TinyMCE Advanced. In the admin area, navigate to 'Settings > TinyMCE Advanced'. Under Advanced Settings, check this setting.

Your HTML code should no longer be stripped when switching between the editors or saving a draft. If this isn't what you were referring to, sorry!

Plugins: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/preserved-html-editor-markup http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tinymce-advanced

(I would have used hyperlinks but I need 10 reputation to use more than two hyperlinks in a post.)

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