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I am using Java 1.2 with the Netscape ldapjdk.jar and trying to make an LDAP connection to one of our servers that needs SASL. I’m also relativity new to LDAP. I do know that java EE has built in LDAP but I am not able to use it at this time.

I have been able to make a connection to another server using regular LDAP but I am not sure what I need to put into the parameters. If someone has a simple example that would be helpful.

I think the class below is what I need to use:

String ldapUserDn = "cn=mycomputer,dc=Dcname";  	
String[]  mechanisms = {"DIGEST-MD5"};
LDAPSaslBind saslBind = new LDAPSaslBind(
   String ldapUserDn, 
   String packageName, 
   Hashtable props, 
   Object cbh);
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Java EE would normally utilise JNDI for LDAP connections instead of the Netscape API.


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