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Here's a snippet of code I saw on the web and I'm wondering if the <p/>is a typo or what

 'config' : {

    'content' : $('#topGlobal')

topGlobal.$content= topGlobal.config.content;

topGlobal.$sections = topGlobal.$content.
    find('ul.sections > li');

topGlobal.$side_nav = $('<p/>')
  .attr('id','side_nav ')

topGlobal.$item_nav = $('<p/>')


The <p/>is repeated in several additional parts of this code. This may sound like a stupid question and while I haven't tested it, I know <p></p> is correct HTML. But because the author is very well respected JS author, I'm asking. It's probably a typo, but I'd still like to know why the code is selecting the closing tag.

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<p/> is a shorthand you can use in jQuery to create a new HTML element instance. In this case, a paragraph element.

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Other possible notations are <p>, <p /> and <p></p>. Adding an end tag doesn't really matter because the code is parsed by jQuery to dynamically create an HTML element out of it anyway. – user2428118 Jun 14 '12 at 20:28

<p/> is equivalent to <p></p> in HTML. It is not a closing tag, which would be </p>.

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