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The case:

  • Server doesn't support exec/shell_exec (so pdftotext is excluded)
  • Other libraries don't accept the PDF. Pdftotext works (tested on the files locally)

Here are some excerpts from the (PDF)code:

5 0 obj

About the creator:

1 0 obj

I would like to get some suggestions about how to convert this to plain text in PHP, without using the exec/shell_exec functions.

Thank you.

(Other solutions like http://webcheatsheet.com/php/reading_clean_text_from_pdf.php didn't work, and I couldn't get them to at least convert this code to something looking like ASCII-code.)

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Do you have curl installed in PHP and/or can you make external HTTP connections? If so, consider using file_get_contents() or SOAP (etc) to do the conversion via an external API. I don't personally know of one, but there is bound to be such a thing on the web. –  halfer Jun 14 '12 at 20:24

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You cannot just parse this stream as you need to then decode the data using lots of other data in the file (like font encoding). You really want to use a library to do this...

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