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I have been messing with the Facebook C# SDK using WP7 and managed to post to my wall. My question is how do I do line breaks in the post description?

\n\r \r \n do not seem to work.

my code Note:_fb = FacebookClient

var args = new Dictionary<string, object>();
args["name"] = "";
args["caption"] = "Testing WP7 app";
args["description"] = "Line1\rLine2\rLine3";
args["picture"] = "";
args["message"] = "Testing";
args["actions"] = "";

_fb.PostCompleted += new EventHandler<Facebook.FacebookApiEventArgs>_fb_PostCompleted);
_fb.PostAsync("me/feed", args);

Edit: Looks like center does the trick like so.

args["description"] = "Line1<center></center>Line2<center></center>Line3";
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Do <br /> or <p /> work?

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If I understand what your saying I tried both in one go like so Line1<br />Line2<p />Line3 and neither worked. Have I wrote that right? – Gaz83 Jun 14 '12 at 21:27

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