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I'm using the 1.0.6 Congomongo library to update objects in MongoDB 2.0.6. An application failure was traced to a silent failure of a $set command to update an object.

Take an object with a field:

(fetch :test {:_id "myid"})
=> {:sad false :_id "myid"}

(update! :test
         {:_id "myid"}
         {:$set {:sad true}})
=> Writeresult { "serverUsed" : "" , "updatedExisting" : true , "n" : 1 , "connectionId" : 10 , "wtime" : 0 , "err" :  null  , "ok" : 1.0}

(fetch :test {:_id "myid"})
=> {:sad false :_id "myid"}

This simple scenario only fails on objects that have undergone a fair number of modifications (e.g. dozens of small objects and changes to slots via sets of path updates), so I haven't found a reliable way to reproduce it on a fresh object yet. To work around this problem I have to do fetch / modify / write operations on the whole object instead.

One other interesting observation is I can get the $set to work above if I add an $inc to the modifier, but then the $inc doesn't work. I can also reproduce this in the mongo console, so it's unlikely a Congomongo adapter or Java driver problem.

e.g. same object from mongo command line

db.user.findAndModify({ query: {username: 'foo'}, update: {$set: {happy: 20}}, new: true}).happy
=> false

db.user.findAndModify({ query: {username: 'foo'}, update: {$set: {happy: 20}, $inc: {counter: 1}}, new: true}).happy
=> 20

I'm at a loss. Any clues as to whether this is a known bug (didn't find anything in JIRA) or what I might have done to the object in question to cause this behavior?


Upgrading to 2.1.0 unstable resolved this particular bug.

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I can't reproduce your bug with 2.0.3 and mongoshell. What happend was that if the document wasn't existent the whole query failed, but not that it did show false rather than 20. I've just downloaded mongodb 2.0.6 and can't reproduce the problem there either. So I may miss something: db.user.findAndModify({ query: {username: 'foo'}, update: {$set: {happy: true}}, new: true}).happy true > db.user.findAndModify({ query: {username: 'foo'}, update: {$set: {happy: 20}}, new: true}).happy 20 –  philnate Jun 15 '12 at 7:12
Just found this thread in the mongodb usergroup which seems related (but no solution provided upto now). groups.google.com/d/topic/mongodb-user/BGC6bbbJ02U/discussion –  philnate Jun 15 '12 at 7:24
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