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I'm looking for a smallish OSGi container to install inside of what will become a network appliance type of product. Ive been reading about the current players: Concierge, Felix, Equinox, Knoplerfish. Concierge seems like the best contender for my purposes but it appears to have low development activity.

Is Concierge nearing end of life?

Ive run my bundles in ServiceMix so I know my stuff will work with Felix. Should I just use that because it is more active of a project. Is anyone out there using Concierge in a recently (2 years) delivered project and if so are you planning to stick with it?

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Concierge may become an Eclipse RT project - eclipse.org/proposals/rt.concierge –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Aug 9 '13 at 10:44

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Concierge is indeed tiny, however it is an OSGi Release 3 framework. For reference, Release 4 came out in 2004. As a result, few recent bundles will run on it because many rely on features that are part of the Release 4 specification.

This is perhaps not an issue if you are developing all the bundles yourself, but it will severely limit the choice of off-the-shelf bundles you can choose.

Felix would be the next up from Concierge in terms of size. It would definitely be my preferred, and is very actively developed.

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Check mBedded Server - it can run on smth as small as 8 MB RAM - you can't get much lower than that :)

It is OSGi 4.2 compatible, and it is being used in many projects. There are several flavors available - for Telematics, Smart Home, Mobile...

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