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I'm using jVectorMap plugin and I'm very impressed by its usability and ease.

My question is: is there a way to insert some kind of animation on the onRegionClick callback function?

My map shows a list of publications for each country in a separate <div>. Now I have:

        map: 'world',
        values: publications,
        scaleColors: ['#C8EEFF', '#0071A4'],
        normalizeFunction: 'polynomial',
        hoverOpacity: 0.7,
        hoverColor: false,
        backgroundColor: '#383f47',
        onLabelShow: function(e, el, code){
            el.text(el.html()+' ('+code+') '+publications[code]);
        onRegionClick: showPublications

The map and the callback function work like a charm, but I'd like to add some kind of animation to give a better empathy to the showing list.

Ah, I use a js switch statement for the function "showPublications".

Any help is appreciated

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You could use the jQuery fadeIn() method:

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