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I need to get some XML, convert it to javascript, muck around with it, and convert it back to XML. I'm working in Node.js.

Currently, if I round trip it from XML to Javascript objects, then back to XML, I end up with a bunch of characters that are screwy (an apostrophe might look like this: ’ , for example), and CDATA sections are lost.

I've been using xml2js module (also tried xml2js-expat) to read the xml. The xml labels itself as being UTF-8, and I specify this to xml2js.

To convert back to XML, I am using this:

But it appears the problem is with the first step.

Any solutions to this?

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To clarify, is it the xml -> JS part is causing you problems or the JS -> xml? Since you are relying on third party solutions either one can be at fault. Also if you could provide a sample XML input and output (the one with the corrupted apostrophe and lack of CDATA) that would help a great deal. – Ankit Aggarwal Jun 16 '12 at 19:01

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