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I have added a border as an ToolboxItem, it gets added the toolbar however, it looks hidden but when I do mouse hover I can see its margin and even its Tooltip. The reason I'm using Border is because I want to assign an image to its content but I guess ... I'm missing something (always it is bad to be new to something). This the code in C# and also XAML:

var _ContentControl = this.FindResource("myControl1") as ContentControl;
var myToolbox = ToolboxContainer.Content as Toolbox;
ToolboxItem tbi = new ToolboxItem();

Border border = new Border();
border.IsHitTestVisible = false;

tbi.Content = _ContentControl;
tbi.ToolTip = "tooltip for the item control goes here...";

Now myControl has been defined in an XAML file as:

<ContentControl x:Key="myControl1" 
                Style="{StaticResource CustomStyle1}">
        <Image IsHitTestVisible="False" Stretch="Fill" Source="/Resources/Images/car.png"/>

Any help will be appreciated.

Regards, Amit

Here is the XAML contents which defined for ContentControl I like to assign to object being added onto toolbox

<ContentControl x:Key="MyControl1" 
                Style="{StaticResource Style1}">
        <Image IsHitTestVisible="False" Stretch="Fill" Source="/Resources/Images/contorl1.png"/>
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I don't see your border getting added to ToolboxItem(tbi), have you missed something? –  akjoshi Jun 15 '12 at 7:02
tbi is toolboxItem object and I'm using border to associate a predefined style to tbi. Please kindly see tbi.Content = _ContentControl; –  amit kohan Jun 15 '12 at 16:42
However, the image is visible now ... the issue was with the size of image since it was big so it was showing some space around it. Resizing the image solved the issue. –  amit kohan Jun 15 '12 at 16:44
Although, the subject of this discussion goes around appearance of object but I have noticed assigning a ContentControl is one time task. To make it clear this is the contents of a xaml file are posted on top. if I don't use this <ContentControl> I can add more object onto the toolbox but if I repeat this twice I'm getting an error as Specified element is already the logical child of another element. Disconnect it first. and of course found few threads on the forum in this regard but was not helpful. Remaining question is how can I add control to the toolbox and avoid this issue? –  amit kohan Jun 15 '12 at 18:10
Have a look at my answer in this recent thread, you will have to first clone the content control so as to add multiple copies of same control - stackoverflow.com/questions/11028590/… –  akjoshi Jun 15 '12 at 18:35

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