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I have just started leaning and working on xquery with java. I have a quick question regarding MarkLogic server. I have just installed XQDT for my eclipse, and I needed to configure an interpreter for the XQuery projects, at this point I had two options, the first was java XQuery engine and the second was MarkLogic server. I tried the MarkLogic server first but I couldn't use it, the problem was that it couldn't be connected using localhost:8000 . So, I just used java XQuery engineand for this I downloaded MXQuery and it worked fine.

the question is that does MarkLogic server actually works on Windoes 7 or it just works on the windows servers ? if I just contiue using MXQuery can I create any xquery project with having no problems?

Thanks in advance

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MarkLogic Server (the product) works fine on Windows 7. It comes with a MarkLogic app server running on port 8000 - probably not the one you want to use for debugging. You should set up another MarkLogic appserver on another port for developing your app (see this tutorial for how to set this up or read the product getting started guide )

Once you have that set up, hyou should be able to use the 'MarkLogic Server' engine iff you've managed to install XQDT as described here.

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