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I am creating a fire particle system on my football in my game and I am wondering where I should place the optimizing code (autoRemoveOnFinish). This is how I am doing it right now.


CCParticleSystem        *_fire;
@property (readwrite,retain) CCParticleSystem *fire;

Implementation = [CCParticleSystemQuad particleWithFile:@"fire.plist"]; = cpv(self.contentSize.width * .5, self.contentSize.height * .5); = kCCPositionTypeGrouped;
_fire.autoRemoveOnFinish = YES;
[self addChild:_fire z:0];

If this is right the way I am doing it why are the fps dropping to around 25. I am only allowing 5 footballs to be created on the screen at one time.

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It doesn't matter where or when you enable autoRemoveOnFinish. The important point is that this only works for one-time effects, like CCParticleExplosion. One-time effects have their duration property set to a positive value.

If you're having framerate problems I bet that the totalParticles (max particles in Glyph Designer) value is set too high. You may be having only 5 particle effects running, but each particle system may spawn hundreds of particles.

And the size of each particle (respectively its texture) also has a great impact on performance.

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So are you saying that autoRemoveOnFinish is not going to do anything for me? If so, is there another way to make it more efficient if I leave it the way that it is? Each fire emitter on the footballs has about 200 to 300 Particles. Is that too many? – Stephen Jun 15 '12 at 0:20
Probably, but your device will be the judge of that obviously. Try lowering the particle amount and see what happens. – allthewayapps Jun 15 '12 at 1:04
I changed the amount of particles emitted from 200 to 100 and the texture that I am using is only 4KB in size. I am still dropping to the low 30 fps with 5 footballs on the screen at once. Is this about as good as I am going to get it? – Stephen Jun 15 '12 at 17:05

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