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I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS as the guest operating system.

How many volumes can I attach to an instance? I'm working on a project which will require that each of our customer has its own volume.

Amazon seems to not have dynamic volumes, so we need to create a new volume from a snapshot to grow an existing one. This operation requires server down time and that's unacceptable. This is why we need one volume per client. With a physical server, I'll put a 2TB drive and use quotas, but we don't want to go this way for now.

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In fact there is no limit if you stick with Linux (Windows instances are limited to 16 EBS volumes). You may have to change the naming of the devices, then you can get easily up to 24 volumes:

/dev/sdf1  /dev/sdf5  /dev/sdf9  /dev/sdg4  /dev/sdg8  /dev/sdh3
/dev/sdf2  /dev/sdf6  /dev/sdg1  /dev/sdg5  /dev/sdg9  /dev/sdh4
/dev/sdf3  /dev/sdf7  /dev/sdg2  /dev/sdg6  /dev/sdh1  /dev/sdh5
/dev/sdf4  /dev/sdf8  /dev/sdg3  /dev/sdg7  /dev/sdh2  /dev/sdh6

For further information take a look at the docs: Attaching the Volume to an Instance.

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in windows2003 can i attach more than one ebs volume?. I already attached 1 TB ebs volume to my ec2 instance. Now i tried to attach the second ebs volume with 1 TB size which was created from snapshot to ec2 instance but it shows disk as dynamic and when i right click on the device it shows only two options. 1. Import foreign disks 2. convert to basic disk So, any idea how to attach the seconds ebs which was created from snapshot?. – loganathan Oct 5 '13 at 11:18
@loganathan I have no clue ... Sorry, but I'm not working with Windows anymore. You should open a new question for your issue. – dom Oct 5 '13 at 15:13
thanks you very much. I will open a new issue – loganathan Oct 9 '13 at 12:25

To build on moosgummi's answer, AWS allows for a wide range of block device names. See the relevant documentation here, under "Specifying a Block Device Mapping."

An EBS volume mount point must begin with /dev/, and then specify "hd" or "sd" (2), then a through z (26), and then 1 through 15, or a no number (16). Those choices yield 2 x 26 x 16 = 832 name options. (More than moosgummi's suggested 24.) But be careful to avoid conflicts with the root device (sda1), or other defaults (sda[1-15]).

Device name limitations are the only constraint I know of on total number of attached EBS volumes. But I've never tried more than a few at once.

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AWS says that there is a limit of 40 volumes for linux and 26 or 16 for Windows with this caveat for each. Attaching more than * volumes to a * instance is supported on a best effort basis only and is not guaranteed.

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