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Pardon if this is a n00b question, I'm a n00b to grails...

I have installed the "rest" plugin using grails install-plugin rest.

My service class has this code (redacted):

def index() {
  def data

  withRest(uri:'http://localhost:8090/some/valid/url/running/here/') {
    auth.basic 'admin', 'admin'
    def response = get(path: 'something', query: [format: 'json'])
    data =
  return data

If I run grails console, instantiate my service class and call service.index(), I get my expected JSON result. This code works as expected. It works through a controller. It even works through a controller via an integration test.

Here is my unit test:

void testIndex() {
    def response = service.index()
    assertEquals(, 2)
    assertEquals(response.receipts.size, 2)
    assertEquals(response.receipts.collectEntries{ [, [id:]] }, [1: [id:1], 2:[id:2]])

This fails with an error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: torch.ReceiptService.withRest() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap, torch.ReceiptService$_index_closure1) values: [[uri:http://localhost:8090/some/valid/url/running/here/], ...]

So it seems that when the test is running, the plugin is not active. I have not done any additional configuration regarding the plugin. I don't really understand why the test environment should have this class compiled differently.

My intention was to mock the network interface once I got this going, since it has an external dependency. But I'm taking it a step at a time.

Do I need to inject a mock withRest() to even run the test? Or is something else amiss?


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This is how unit tests work. No plugins are active, there's no Spring, Hibernate, etc. You're just running a class and so everything has to be mocked. Seems like REST is a poor candidate for mocking though, since then you'd just be testing the mocks.

I'd probably test it with a functional test. This is unfortunately less convenient than unit tests, but bad tests aren't very useful :) You could configure it so the url is looked up in the config to allow a different URL for testing so you don't need to hit an external service, and then setup a real REST service for testing that returns known values.

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Thanks. This was only the beginning of my testing of it, but I got stalled right away. Seems like "unit" tests in grails are /very/ constrained. I may still end up using it here once the service does what it's supposed to eventually do (adapt the result of the rest call into a different format.) – David Pisoni Jun 15 '12 at 2:46

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