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This is a simple question, I'm asking more to get other's point of view for proper design then anything else (since there are many valid solutions).

I'm reading in from an CSV file, parsing the data, and creating large array of vector data, one vector for each line. When I read in each line I want to pass the line into a Vector object which is responsible for parsing the line, error checking the data, and filling all the appropriate fields. This way my error handling is completed and I get the object I need for later processing. the Vector object will need a strut with basic configuration information passed to it to do the error checking, and the CSV file will need to know when a line being parsed was invalid so it can be recorded.

There are three basic methods of doing this, I'm just curious what everyone things is a prettier easier understood design. I'm new to C++ so a little more cautious about trying to do good C++ design rather then trying to transport Java and/or C constructs into C++ when they don't belong.

  1. pass the CSV line into the Vector constructor. Let the constructor do all the important work and if the line is invalid throw an exception to inform my loader.
  2. construct the Vector by passing in only the configuration data. Have a second method that reads in CSV line data and returns a true or false depending on rather the data was valid.
  3. Possible go with the overkill method and create a full blow factory pattern.
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If you already have some code written, this would be a good question for Code Review. –  this.lau_ Jun 15 '12 at 5:57
No code is written, I was asking to try to write the code well from the begining :) –  errah Jun 15 '12 at 15:23
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