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I'm aware that this is possible with the os module's os.system("color") function, but this changes the whole terminal what I'm looking for something localized to only a single string or variable output. Something in the standard library would be optimal as I want to use this on multiple computers without have to use py2exe or freeze.

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Please take a look at the answer for the question: Print in terminal with colors using python?

There are many solutions for your task. In the simplest case you can use ANSI sequences:

print " "+ "\033[01;41m" + " " +"\033[01;46m" + " " + "\033[01;42m"

When you need somthing more powerful, I suggest you using colorama.

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The above code prints ←[01;41m ←[01;46m ←[01;42m, I've heard ascii escapes aren't supported on all systems, but I've tried it on Windows 7 and XP and neither worked. Any suggestions? – RandomPhobia Jun 19 '12 at 12:14
@RandomPhobia: colorama – Igor Chubin Jun 19 '12 at 12:32

is probably the best thing

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