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I want users to be able to search through my thinking_sphinx text box a word like wood and have it pull up Wooden and Woodworking. This words fine if the user types in wood*, but if they type in just wood with no * then no results are shown. If there a way to get the results of wood* without having to type in the asterisk. Most users aren't that smart.

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can you append an asterisk at the end of user data before sending it to search?

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@businesses =[:search] + '') works well. You can also do @businesses ='' + params[:search] + '*') and that way no matter where in the word it is, it will find it. Thanks! – Mike Jul 10 '09 at 20:05

I think you could get what you're trying to achieve with wordforms in your sphinx configuration. See the documentation here:

You can utilize more advanced Sphinx configuration with a sphinx.yml file. See the following:

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just pass :star => true along ;)

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