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UPDATE: I've been playing around with this more, and it seems like tmux's clear-history command might be broken.

If I have two panes open at 0.0 and 0.1, and I type in 18 commands in 0.1 then (in 0.0) run

tmux send-keys -t 0.1 q C-u "clear; tmux clear-history" C-m

... then switch to pane 0.1 and enter copy mode and scroll up, the scrollbuffer is not cleared.

However, if I run clear; tmux clear-history directly from 0.1, then the scrollbuffer is cleared correctly.

I'm running tmux 1.6. Any thoughts on this behavior?

I'm using vimux to send tests to a tmux pane, prefixing my test commands with

call RunVimTmuxCommand("clear; ruby -Itest /spec/some_spec.rb")

... but since MiniTest is giving me some pretty long stack traces on some failures, I've taken to entering in copy mode on the vimux pane and searching for ERROR with /, which works quite well.

The only problem is that the pane preserves the scrollback history, so that I will find failures for tests that I know I've fixed (since I'm searching through history).

I tried amending the above to

call RunVimTmuxCommand("clear; tmux clear-history; ruby -Itest /spec/some_spec.rb")

But that doesn't seem to work when sent from vimux. If I run the exact same command manually (as in I switch to the vimux pane and run it myself), it works fine.

I'm assuming this is something to do with how vimux sends commands to the pane, but I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I wrote in to the author of vimux and he's fixed it already; awesome!


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