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I have a block of code that compile in DevC++ in C++ ,but in VSC++, it raised _Block_type_is_valid (phead->...) error and when I retry and break, it went to xmemory and function void deallocate(pointer _ptr, size_t type). What's my problem? And how to solve it?


I have a Base class and a Base1 class that inherited from Base class:

class Base{
            virtual string getString() = 0;    

class Base1:: public Base2{
        char * message;
        Base1(string _message);
        string getString();

Base1::Base1(string _message){/*Do coppy from _message to message*/}
Base1::~Base1(){delete[] message;}

the function getString() will return the message, and in main.cpp i called Base *b = new Base1("something") then called b->getString() and that's all. However when compiling, i got the problem as describe above. Is this i miss the destructor of Base class? or something like this?

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We can't see the constructor but surely you did something unwise like not allocate memory for the char*. The message member should be std::string –  Hans Passant Jun 15 '12 at 4:43

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You do not show the Base1 constructor. I think the problem is in the Base1 constructor. You can implement Base1 constructor like this:

Base1::Base1(string _message){ message = strdup(_message.c_str()); }
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